Here are some of the services I offer:


  • Repair and stabilisation of collectables and historic items
  • Conservation cleaning
  • Removal of mould

Collections Care

  • Repackaging of collections
  • Benchmarking for collections care
  • A helping hand with housekeeping

Condition Checks & Reports

  • For outgoing/incoming loans in museums and exhibition venues
  • For insurance and peace of mind for collectors
  • As part of collection health checks and audits

Exhibition Services

  • Advice before or during install
  • Condition checking before install and at deinstall
  • Mount making and creation of replicas in a variety of materials

Disaster Planning & Prep

  • Creation and review of emergency plans
  • Advice on disaster kits to keep at home or at work
  • Salvage training and practice sessions

Mentoring & Advice

  • Access expertise as and when you need it

Reuse & Sustainability

  • Help with rehoming unwanted museum equipment and supplies

Audio Digitisation

  • Check back soon!

Not sure what you need? No problem. Just get in touch and we’ll talk through what you need. I can work both directly on site or take care of your objects here in my conservation studio.